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10:34:05 PM Oct 30th 2014
What about Team Scorpion from the new show, Scorpion? Walter's the Leader, Toby's the Lancer, Sylvester's the Big Guy, Happy's the Smart Guy and Paige is the Chick.
01:03:20 AM Oct 31st 2014
03:01:59 PM Feb 17th 2013
I'm really surprised no one has considered the Zapatera Tribe (Survivor Redemption Island) for this list, especially as the Ometepe got the Five-Bad Band honors.

I've got two candidates for The Big Guy (Steve and Mike) and The Lancer (Steve and Julie); Sarita was called the Team Mom, making her the prime candidate for The Chick; if you ask me, David definitely qualifies as The Smart Guy and Ralph, by simple virtue of being shown to start it all, as The Leader.
09:01:53 PM Feb 17th 2013
That's too many people for a Five-Man Band. Try The Team instead.
08:22:10 PM Aug 7th 2011
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Calling Janet Fraiser part of Stargate SG-1's "band" is a major stretch. Apart from guest characters like Bra'tac, it's a four-man band til season 9.
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