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11:34:27 PM Sep 26th 2012
edited by nirao01
Can I add this?

Glee - New Directions (The remaining members in season 4)
The LeaderBlaine (elected leader of the club)
The LancerBrittany (vice president to Blaine)
The Smart GuyArtie
The ChickTina
The Big GuySam
Tagalong KidsJoe and Sugar
The MentorWill
Sixth RangersWade/Unique, Marley and Jake

01:08:03 PM Sep 27th 2012
edited by Nocturna
No. 1) There's too many characters. 2) The fact that it's "the remaining characters" suggests that there's no real team dynamic. 3) It violates the 4 guys and a girl Chick criteria.

If the first five characters are actually a team of five, and they form two pairs of Foils with the fifth character as a mediator, you can add it to the sandbox page for the upcoming supertrope. (The sandbox page is linked in the first post of the cleanup thread.)
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