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04:21:11 PM Aug 18th 2014
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I would fix this if I could, but the page is locked. Deadwood is in the wrong spot alphabetically.

Also, I came to this page looking for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was surprised that it wasn't here. I would add it if I could.

Season 1-3 Scooby Gang
  • The Hero: Buffy
  • The Lancer: Willow (Buffy is strong and assertive, Willow is weak and shy)
  • The Smart Guy: Giles
  • The Big Guy: Angel before he turns evil, Oz
  • The Heart: Xander, Cordelia

12:04:43 AM Aug 19th 2014
Well, that example has two The Big Guy characters, meaning that it doesn't fit. For a simple alphabetization fix you can ask here. For a general example discussion you'll have to head over here.
05:32:19 AM Aug 19th 2014
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I think the bigger issue is the two Hearts. First off, it should be The Chick. Secondly, there should be only one. Xander fits best as The Heart of the team, but Cordy is closer to The Chick, meaning Xander's kinda shoehorned in.

Oz and Angel both being the Big Guy is okay, as Oz doesn't become a werewolf until after Angel leaves the group. That said I don't really see Oz as being the Big Guy, really.
08:15:41 PM Aug 7th 2011
Not sure about The A-Team. I might just have a poorer grasp of the nuances of the trope or the characters, but I had in mind Face as the Lancer, Amy as the Smart Guy and Murdock as the Chick.
10:53:54 PM Feb 4th 2012
Agree that there are differing ways to interpret the A-team. I would put Face as the Lancer. Murdoch, who is portrayed as being omni-capable as a pilot, and specialist in electronics, demolitions, chef, and any other technical occupation that the team required, would be the Smart Guy. It was intentionally ironic that he was brilliant, given his cover as a mental patient.
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