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10:17:22 AM Mar 27th 2014
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Why is the page locked? I wanted to update some of the info... the Vampire Diaries stuff is 2 years old, and didn't even fit the trope anyway!

We need to add Teen Wolf:

Season 3

The Leader: Scott Mc Call (werewolf)

The Lancer: Derek Hale (werewolf)

The Big Guy: Allison Argent (human hunter and Bad Ass Normal)

The Smart Guy: Stiles Stilinski (human)

The Chick Lydia Martin (banshee)

Bonus Sixth Ranger: Isaac Lahey (werewolf)

Season 4

The Leader: Scott Mc Call (werewolf)

The Lancer: Derek Hale (werewolf)

The Big Guy: Kira Yukimura (kitsune/fox)

The Smart Guy: Stiles Stilinski (human)

The Chick Lydia Martin (banshee)
11:00:35 AM Mar 27th 2014
Because people kept putting in bad examples.

Feel free to offer it in this discussion.
08:15:37 AM Aug 11th 2010
edited by Dausuul
Dude. WTF? Where did the discussion on Firefly go? The main page was reverted and the two comments pointing out that Firefly is in no way a Five-Man Band have gone poof.

So, here we go again. FIREFLY IS NOT A FIVE MAN BAND. It's a Nine Person Ensemble! You've got three characters crammed into the Smart Guy role (including Wash—what the hell?) and you have to bring in The Mentor and The Tagalong Kid to accommodate the other two. This is a textbook case of Square Peg Round Trope.

I don't want to get in an edit war, so I'm going to wait for consensus rather than unilaterally delete it again, but would the person who keeps putting Firefly back in please explain why you think it belongs here? Firefly was a great show, I loved it, I think it's a travesty what happened to it, but that doesn't mean it's a Five-Man Band any more than it's a Power Trio.

And anyone else with a point of view on the subject, please speak up. I'd like to get a consensus going, one way or another.

07:10:52 PM Aug 11th 2010
The roles of the five man band are always filled in Firefly. It is easy to overlook that this trope is about a specific group dynamic, not a specific group. Does the Firefly crew take on challenges in a way consistent with the FMB dynamic? You betcha.
02:00:55 PM Aug 13th 2010
edited by Dausuul
Still smells like Square Peg Round Trope to me. How exactly do you determine which shows have "the dynamic" and which don't? Given a show with at least five regulars, how would you rule that show out as not containing a Five-Man Band?

I can see one way to argue for Firefly as a Five-Man Band, which is to say that the Tams and Shepherd Book are passengers and not part of the main crew. In that case, you have characters who fit four of the five roles like a glove (Mal is The Hero, Zoe is The Lancer, Jayne is The Big Guy, and Inara is The Chick), and if you squint a bit you can peg Kaylee as The Smart Guy. Then you have to figure out what to do with Wash. It's not a perfect fit, but I've seen worse.

But I don't buy interpretations that have one or more of the roles flipping all over the place from one episode to the next. You can turn anything into a Five-Man Band if you're allowed to do that. The band members should at least remain consistent across the length of a season (or half a season in this case).
06:36:01 AM Jul 29th 2010
Haircuts aside, Sara is alot more chickish then Lou. Heck, Lou is a rather Tomboyish Name!
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