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11:01:49 AM Mar 31st 2013
edited by RNew
I would suggest that the major residents of the Dreaming in The Sandman, specifically in The Kindly Ones, form a Five-Man Band:

The Hero: Dream

The Lancer: Matthew

The Smart Guy: Lucien

The Big Guy: The Corinthian

The Chick: Nuala

I'm not entirely sure if this should be here but since editing the page is locked I thought it was as good a place as any...
12:23:53 PM Mar 31st 2013
This thread is the place to discuss potential additions. Please keep in mind that you'll need to explain both how the characters work as a team and how each character fits their role. Also, the first character archetype is The Leader, not The Hero.
08:12:36 AM Nov 23rd 2012
The way the Founding Teen Titans are here is very arbitrary. Kid Flash was never known for Smartness, Wonder Girl as "The big Guy" is random and pointless when she's The Chick, no one really works as The Lancer. Speedy is considered part of the core Five if if he wasn't there originally (But neither was Wonder Girl is the very original founding story).
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