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06:26:14 AM Jan 24th 2013
edited by MithrandirOlorin
I think New Super Mario Bros. U might fit

The Big Bad = Bowser

The Dragon = Bowser Jr

The Brute = Boom Boom (Think about, he's a big Koopa who throws his fists around aimlessness)

The Evil Genius = Kamek (He is in charge of Make My Monster Grow)

If only Kammy or Pom Pom had returned too we'd have a The Dark Chick. As is perhaps we could force Boss Sumor Bro to fit.

I could the Koopalings themselves fit

Big Bad = Ludwig Von Koopa

The Dragon = Morton Koopa Jr

The Brute = Roy Koopa

The Evil Genius = Iggy Koopa

The Dark Chick = Wendy O Koopa

Chaotic Stupid = Lemmy Koopa

Tagalong Kid = Larry Koopa (I've always considered him the youngest)

Sixth Ranger = Bowser Jr
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