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01:24:42 AM Apr 11th 2010
This was an unsuccesful shoehorning to the concept:

  • The Five of Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal can be described as this, though they're fought out of order.
    • The Big Bad - Abazigal (Arguably, even though he's not the last to die, he's definitely the most outright threatening)
    • The Dragon - Illasera (The first to die, and the weakest, ironically)
    • The Evil Genius - Balthazar (Again, arguably-he and Abazigal vie for each others' positions)
    • The Brute - Yaga-Shura (He's a freaking Fire Giant. End of story.)
    • The Dark Chick - Sendai (Bonus points for being an actual dark elf priestess)

For a start, it's obvious you can't call any of them the Big Bad when they're working for the real Big Bad of the game, Amelissan. Aside from that, all of them have pratically the exact same role in the group, except for Balthazar who's something of a Knight Templar (or nearly so) and definitely not actually evil. Nothing makes Illasera The Dragon. No-one's really an Evil Genius (except maybe Amelissan, who does all the planning). The Dark Chick would be Balthazar if the rest of the group fit the dynamic.
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