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08:32:58 AM Mar 31st 2011
Let's discuss, what's wrong with Real Life examples?? I am really annoyed when you delete them all. Real Life is actually very perfect trope. Everyone considers Hitler as Big Bad. It is really annoying when I keep seeing those stupid phrases like "No real Life Examples" At least one NEEDS TO BE HERE! If Five-Man Band has Real Life, what's the difference with Five-Bad Band??
08:36:20 AM Mar 31st 2011
It's wiki policy, plain and simple.
08:39:55 AM Mar 31st 2011
What?! What do you mean? I don't understand. Besides it not you who deleted Real Life. I am not going to be rude to you but still I want full explanation.
08:46:57 AM Mar 31st 2011
The wiki's policy is not to put Real Life examples on tropes, particularly those that are subjective or negative, so that people don't use, say, Fat Bastard to rant about Rush Limbaugh, or Our Presidents Are Different to bash Obama.

Which, for good or ill, means we're not going to go after the obvious, universally recognized badguys either.
08:48:58 AM Mar 31st 2011
But why, with those negative like presidents I DEFINELTY AGREE, but why we can't go for bad guys either?? And why for Five-Man Band it is okay to have Real Life??
08:50:28 AM Mar 31st 2011
Because the policy is no real life examples. "No" means none, no exceptions, not even the ones that we all agree are really bad.

It boils down to this: The site is about trope examples in fiction. Not in real life.
08:52:46 AM Mar 31st 2011
Everything that exists in fiction needs to exist in Real Life, exept maybe some fantasy stuff.
08:53:44 AM Mar 31st 2011
Doesn't matter. The wiki's purpose is to talk about fiction and storytelling. There's no "need" to list Hitler as part of a Five-Bad Band in real life.
08:54:48 AM Mar 31st 2011
But is there a need to list it on World War II page?? Shoudn't we delete that in this case??
08:56:00 AM Mar 31st 2011
I don't make the policy, and honestly I don't always agree with it. I'm just telling you what it is, and why the entry was deleted.
08:57:07 AM Mar 31st 2011
So you are not a moderator??
08:57:46 AM Mar 31st 2011
Nope. Also, one ? is sufficient. Two makes it seem like you're overexcited.
09:00:34 AM Mar 31st 2011
Okay, beacuse you can't do anything about it, but I undestand now. Okay, no Real Life examples, but now I am blocked and I can't edit.
09:20:10 AM Mar 31st 2011
I believe there's a thread on the forums to appeal a ban.
09:28:56 AM Mar 31st 2011
Oh, where is this thread??
09:31:55 AM Mar 31st 2011
I don't know, I've never had to use it. Look for it.
09:38:27 AM Mar 31st 2011
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