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07:11:38 PM Dec 16th 2011
Yikes, did I accidentally delete 90 percent of the page a few days ago? My bad. Sorry.
04:11:01 PM Mar 29th 2011
Again, we are supposed to use namespaces. Keep this in case another Zombie Land turns up.
05:12:42 PM Mar 29th 2011
edited by LosingStreak
Namespaces make sense in the case of things like Avatar the film vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender. There's less room for error in the case of Zombieland, though.

edit: Hmm, never mind. Fast Eddie lives up to his name yet again and marked Main/ZombieLand as a redirect to Film/ZombieLand. Let's drop the subject then.
05:32:36 PM Mar 7th 2011
What about Jesse Eisenberg saying that the best thing about Zombieland is the lack of Facebook?
04:21:29 AM Sep 13th 2010
edited by aleatharhea
I don't think 406 is an example of "The Last Man Heard a Knock", since neither Columbus nor the audience thinks he's the last, or one of the last, at that point. He doesn't even know it's begun. So the chilling effect of "The Last Man Heard a Knock" isn't possible.
04:21:27 AM Sep 13th 2010
"The Rule of Three is a pattern used in stories and jokes, where part of the story is repeated three times, with minor variations. The first two instances build tension, and the third releases it by incorporating a twist." So how is painting the number "3" on three cars that?
03:08:36 PM Oct 31st 2011
"Rule of Three" has pretty much last that meaning, and now only means any instance where exactly 3 of something exists. Think Thanksgiving now just being a great feast with the family instead of, you know, giving thanks.
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