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11:39:46 AM Mar 5th 2016
edited by Waterlily
Could you say that Veruca's concern for Augustus when he's in the pipe is an example of Pet the Dog? She doesn't actually do anything but that moment makes me think that she's not completely horrible.
01:54:17 AM Jan 10th 2014
Moving this here. It doesn't add to why the example fits the trope.

  • Dahl was unhappy with the plot changes and, ultimately, the whole movie, which he disowned. It was years before he allowed another of his books to be adapted for the big screen, hence why there was no sequel despite the hook.

This is also interesting, because Dahl worked on the script for the movie himself, and the Golden Goose scene especially was his idea to replace the squirrel scene, since they didn't have the technology at the time to do justice to the scene.
12:16:44 PM Jan 10th 2014
It's related to the trope. Dahl was unhappy with the Adaptation Expansion and basically disowned the film, and wouldn't let anyone make the sequel. He did write the first draft of the script, but other scenes were subsequently added. He particularly disliked the two plot lines mentioned and the fact that Wonka, and not Charlie, became the main character. He was also peeved that his choice of Spike Milligan to play Wonka was not taken up.
04:17:30 AM Sep 12th 2012
Can anyone explain to me why so many tropes are being removed from this page?
05:09:38 AM Sep 12th 2012
I don't know — having seen the film several times, they all fit (well, can't speak about the commentary, but I bet it does). I'm P Ming the troper doing the removals.
05:48:37 AM Sep 12th 2012
I think it's about making character pages. If so, an explanation in the reason box would be nice.
04:27:31 PM Sep 12th 2012
That's me. I'm sorry, I didn't mention it in the discussion section. Isoycrazy's right. I moved some of the tropes to the character page(and made sure to mention what film version, they were.) I'm very Sorry. I didn't mean to cause any trouble...
04:29:38 PM Sep 12th 2012
No trouble. I'm just happy you weren't just being a prick and deleting the tropes for fun.
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