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02:07:46 PM Mar 11th 2018
Did I miss it? I just saw this movie, and my SO pointed out. Um, where are all the Hispanic, Asian, African, etc "minority" people. Would this be a fridge logic or nightmare fuel question?
07:55:00 PM Jul 7th 2012
10:14:09 PM Jul 7th 2012
Hm? The description has barely a whiff of that. Now the image caption is a different story, but it's funny so I've left it alone when noticing it before. And it does need a better description; There's a paragraph for the calendar, a trailer, two for the director, one for a possible tv series, and one for things not to be confused with it. There's nothing actually describing the movie.
09:13:28 PM Sep 22nd 2013
Tweaked the image caption, I know its stupid, but it was all I could come up with at short notice. At least its better than it was before. if anyone can post something better, please do so.
09:54:12 PM Mar 14th 2012
Having not watched the movie, I thought it might be somewhat relevant to note that a text regarding judgment in the Bible is Revelations 20:12.
08:34:05 PM Sep 23rd 2013
Pretty much just like the number 23's ending in which it said


behold your sins will find you out, numbers 23:32
08:35:41 PM Sep 23rd 2013
You can find a lot of those in Revelation, as pretty much the whole book is judgment after judgment.
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