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09:01:16 AM Jul 5th 2015

This whole page describes the film as about a girl who disguises herself as a boy, with only the comment "or transgender boy?" under the trope butch lesbian.

I watched this a while ago, I really think Mikael is a trans boy and maybe this article should reflect that - if people aren't happy writing about Mikael and using he, can we at least edit this to say Laure/Mikael and use they?
08:46:15 PM Jul 15th 2016
I think it's ambiguous, and it's ambiguous on purpose.And I think that's really cool, because it leaves more open to interpretation. Laure/Mikael could have been a transboy, or she could have just been a lesbian or tomboy that took a childish ruse until it got out of control. To this effect, the original French is crucial. When Laure first meets Lisa, she asks "es tu nouveau?" which is "are you new?" in the *masculine* form (as opposed to "es tu nouvelle?"). In this sense, it was not Laure's idea to introduce themself as a boy, it just sort of... happened.

I'd have no problem changing it to Laure/Mikael and "they". I think it's unfair to call Laure/Mikael "he" at this point because they have not claimed a trans identity yet (or however you want to phrase that).
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