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12:39:34 PM Apr 3rd 2014
I just wanted to say this was the first live action film that made me cry at the tender age of 8. Aww, good times...
05:36:53 PM Feb 15th 2013
edited by egvesel
Should we keep the whole convo? Maybe cut the last sentence?

Lampshade Hanging:
Rose: When the ship docks... I'm getting off with you.
Jack: This is crazy.
Rose: I know. It doesn't make any sense... That's why I trust it.

Actually there's one more sentence where Jack says "Did you see those guys' faces?" at the start of the convo, but I cut it out.

The scene starts at 1 h 33 min btw.
02:25:32 AM Jan 25th 2013
Just to say, I removed incorrect info stating that James Horner - composer of Titanic's music - is Irish. He is in fact first generation American, with Austrian parents. That is extremely easy to find out; it is important to research your facts even if you feel positive of their truth.
07:29:33 AM Mar 25th 2012
Just noticed, Manic Pixie Dream Guy is listed under both here and the YMMV page. Which should be deleted?
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