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09:35:24 AM Jun 10th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
First off, these are fine edits and good points, so I'm loathe to remove them. However, I don't think they quite fit the trope, which is "The Straight Man gets involved in hijinx." I'll go into detail below.

  • Not So Above It All:
    • Subverted with Smiley. Karla speculates that Smiley will look away from Bill Haydon if the latter has an affair with Smiley's wife. It doesn't actually distract Smiley.
      • First off, like I said this isn't quite the "above it all" meant by the trope. Secondly, it does work, to a point. Smiley gives Haden a wider berth because he didn't want to make it seem like he's targeting him because of the affair. He even admits that he overlooked facts because he thought the affair was clouding his judgement. Thirdly, even if the entry is correct, it's Not a Subversion. In that case it would've been "Invoked by Karla, but averted by Smiley." We only find out about the plan to befuddle Smiley after it already happened so it can't be a subversion.
    • Toby Esterhase is smug and confrontational until Smiley threatens to send him back to Hungary. He is reduced to a puddle of tears.
      • That's more Break the Haughty than this trope. If it's not there, it absolutely should get added

10:04:07 AM Jun 10th 2016
Thanks for the input, man. I'll try to get the points across more accurately in the future.
11:06:57 AM Jun 10th 2016
Thanks for being so cool.
12:51:11 PM Jun 10th 2016
No problem. I find it healthy to keep it civil; it's really childish when tropers into trope wars when they happen to like exactly the same thing.

If they happen to put an actual reason for deletion/moving even if I feel they're wrong, I appreciate that they actually took the time to put a reason in the first place. It's not like debate is a wrong thing, but if you offer no explanation, you're simply a troll and there's mods for that.

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