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02:16:18 AM Sep 11th 2013
  • Karma Houdini: Both the Network and Gary, in different ways. Though Gary's case is ultimately a subversion when it's revealed that the intervening time has not been kind to him and he had recently attempted suicide

What's this a reference to regarding Gary? The original example (first sentence) was presumably supposed to be about him getting away with causing the end of the world; this is arguable. Destructive Saviour might be a better trope. The second sentence seems to have assumed the first is talking about him having got away with being a dick as a teenager, which (a) wouldn't be this trope and (b) would make the second sentence a Justifying Edit, since it's (correctly) pointing out that he absolutely didn't.
06:23:22 AM Aug 9th 2013
Regarding the spoiler tags: I asked on Ask The Tropers and Fast Eddie has confirmed that they can't go around the trope names, only the examples themselves.
08:46:30 PM Sep 1st 2013
Well, I'm glad this is already here, because I was coming to this page to say just that. Spoiler tags do not go around trope names.
09:01:18 PM Sep 1st 2013
Does this count for when the trope itself implies spoilers? The literal end of the world is a bit of a spoiler.
10:33:53 AM Sep 2nd 2013
Pretty sure that's an ironclad rule.
03:18:25 PM Sep 2nd 2013
It's a pretty bizarre rule, given that more than a few tropes are spoilers by their very presence (The Hero Dies being an obvious example).
06:59:21 PM Sep 4th 2013
At a certain point people have to show some responsibility and take control of their own lives. The best way to remain unspoiled for "The World's End" is to not visit the trope page for "The World's End".
09:23:48 PM Sep 4th 2013
If that's gonna be your argument, why do we have spoiler tags at all?
09:30:29 PM Sep 4th 2013
Make me king of tvtropes and ask me that question again. But for now, Eddie Hath Spoken.
07:16:36 AM Sep 28th 2013
I can see the logic; spoilering the whole entry is next to useless, since it means that people have to highlight the spoiler tag just to see what the trope being referred to actually is. It also makes the page look spotty, ugly and hard to read if there's lots of completely blanked out sections to read and you have to keep skipping over them.

FWIW I remember reading somewhere that one possible suggestion is to move tropes that fundamentally potential spoilers to the bottom of the page and put them into a folder or somewhere. Might be an option?
03:50:12 PM Jul 21st 2013
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==The Pub Names==

Are all the pub's names related to or are metaphors for what happens in/at them in the plot? I ask because I noticed that four of them seemed to be, whilst I was watching it, but I'm not 100% sure whether they all are. Without spoilers, the ones that I noticed that were are; "The First Post" (it's the first Pub in the crawl), "The Old Familiar", "The Hole In The Wall" and "The World's End".

Also I'm not sure, if this is the case, what the trope is that this falls under.

EDIT: Ok I see someone's put this trope in. I'm sure that their description is however at least partly wrong though (spoilers):

I'm sure that The Old Familiar isn't named because that's where they meet up with Sam, it's because it's almost identical to the first pub. The Hole In The Wall is not where Gary punches the wall. That happens much earlier on, in the same pub that they meet the 'robots' for the first time, which must be like the fourth or fifth pub I think, whereas The Hole in The Wall is the second-to-last pub on the list, And I'm sure that the name is actually ironically echoing the fact that the car gets driven through the wall. Then there's the fact that there must've been two pubs at least that were involved in a montage and therefore nothing 'happens' in them as far as we see, except drinking.
03:22:42 PM Sep 2nd 2013
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Someone's analysed this here.
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