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07:14:49 PM Dec 29th 2014
These obviously can't both be right as the same ad-lib is credited to two people. Does anyone know for certain which of them said it?

  • Creator Cameo:
    • Screenwriter Chris Mc Quarrie is one of the cops conducting the line-up he ad-libs the "In English, please!" remark to Fenster when Benicio del Toro mumbles his line.
    • Bryan Singer has two. The most traditional is that his hands double as the hands of Keyser Soze in one scene. The less obvious is also a case of Throw It In: during the line-up scene, after Benicio del Toro mumbles one of his lines in a bizarre voice, Singer can be heard, presumably as one of the cops, shouting "In English, please!" That was actually Singer-as-director shouting, because he had no idea what del Toro was doing with the character, but he decided to leave that take in the movie.
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