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08:48:42 AM Dec 22nd 2012
The 2012 film, being a love letter to the Stooges, It Just Bugs Me! that there is not even a mention or a glimpse of Shemp. He wasn't a small time player or disliked on the level of Joe or Curly Joe. In fact, any true stooge fan appreciates Shemp shorts as much as Curly's because they were fundamentally different actors. It just feels wrong that a true stooge love letter would not bother to include him in any way.
07:40:59 PM Dec 22nd 2012
They should have at least done a cameo. It's too bad Jim Varney isn't alive because I always thought he'd be a perfect Shemp.
07:18:25 PM Feb 12th 2011
This is a bit of an It Just Bugs Me! but since it's out-of-universe I'm not posting it there: why do so many people list The Three Stooges in the Live-Action TV category of a trope's page rather than Film? I keep seeing this over and over. All right, people see them on TV now - but that's not how they were originally produced.
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