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12:56:57 AM Oct 23rd 2017
edited by Arivne
The following entry was deleted as it appears to be incorrect. In the film, Bond tells the captain of the British sub to "release the other crews", so he apparently thinks that at least some of the Russian crew is still alive.

  • Fridge Horror: Wait a minute, what happened to the Russian sailors at the end of the film? Stromberg captured British and Soviet boomers at the beginning of the film, and then the American attack sub at the end. Bond liberates the Yanks and the Brits who join him in taking over the supertanker, but other than Agent XXX, there are no Russians to be seen anywhere. Realistically, either Stromberg disposed of them somehow, or the Anglophone sailors left the commies locked up to go down with the tanker.
    • The American sailors are wearing dark blue shirts, the British ones light blue, both with dark pants, but there are also several men in all white uniforms with striped undershirts, something neither US nor Royal Navy sailors wear. One of these men hands a magazine to Bond when his Sterling SMG runs dry, another is seen throwing a grenade and several are killed attempting to storm the control room. So the Russians are there, there just aren't as many of them.
07:32:35 PM Oct 20th 2013
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