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12:58:22 AM Sep 2nd 2012
The books need to be separated out from this page. It's a little schizophrenic.
07:12:10 AM Oct 24th 2012
edited by TrollBrutal
The jigsaw mostly came from bad example indentation and natter. Except for the Mancini-Fontane odd arcs, divergences are few / very minor as Puzzo was behind both stories, most "from the books" stuff is not contradictory and can be written as a coda or integrated as expanded backstory (Word Of God holds that opinion, All There in the Manual unless stated the opposite). Just a matter or good style to avoid natter. Some little details from the novel find their way back to the film in the Extended Cuts, such as Fanucci's scar (which was removed from the page in a previous edit and can be rewritten as The Artifact-like Orphaned Reference thing)

A soft split would be more than enough in case it's needed.

The main text / description needs trimming though, it retells the whole damn thing; tl;dr. Will move it to synopsys namespace

ETA : It seems some split will be done : Work With Other Medium Originals
12:30:24 PM Aug 2nd 2012
edited by
  • Asshole Victim: Apparently, it is hard to feel sorry for Luca Brasi when he "sleeps with the fishes".

Misusue, it's not about victims who you dislike, but a murder-mystery trope that maximizes the subjects. Doubly so because he's a teammember of the "least bad" guys.
02:17:40 PM May 13th 2012
edited by TrollBrutal
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