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11:28:42 AM Mar 8th 2016
edited by antimisa
When I first saw the movie, this big question came to my mind. The outcasts claim to have bad relationships with their families. Then why on earth don't they torture their families, rather than the "bullies"???




It was so stupid of Tommy and Bradley to think that they'd have been rescued easily. Say Tommy didn't guess there were traps outside. What about Brad??? Right after Tommy, Dane talks about 'em... Then Bradley believes he won't be hurt if he cuts Bridget's fingers off.

Still, Bradley was not as "coward" as he was presented us with. When Bridget was forced to cut off his fingers, he whispers, "Do it already!" or something like that. Then, he begs Dane not to cut off his fingers. I believe he bipolar... no no, rather, he was badly written by the script writer.

Kelli's case was whole different. She was sent to school the next day, as if nothing happened??? Isn't there anyone that'll make sure she won't harm herself??? Whatever, she supposedly killed herself but why??? Really, the feeling of guilt??? I don't think so. No matter what Joey Stewart tried to say, it's debatable whether it was out of guilt or out of feeling sorry for her friends. After all, her best friends got their faces burned, etc.

By the way, why does Bridget lose her mind? I mean, it's obvious she comes from a wealthy family and she can afford a plastic surgery on her face, just as Heather...

and she could've saved her fingers too. It wasn't too late when the police arrived. If you put your organs (Like your arms, hands, legs, or something.) in a pocket full of water and ice, the doctors are able to treat you. I know for a fact because the same happened to my cousin. He lost one of his fingers but he took his finger together with him to the doctor and the doctor was able to treat him within 24 hears. Then, for some time, he couldn't sense that certain finger but now, he's well as f. He's able to write as perfectly as before, and believe me, he has hell of a handwriting.

Lastly, the fact that "Bradley can't have sex throughout his life" is bullshit. People who sit in wheelchairs can have sex and produce children too.

My discussion ends with Kurtis. When we see him for the last time, he's exchanging eye contact with the remaining triplet, but a smile can be barely seen from his face. Does Stewart try to tell us he was happy with the shit that happened to his friends???

PS, I don't like Bradley and his comrades but I really like Heather, Bridget and Kelli. More than Emily at least.
02:06:16 AM Jan 9th 2013
Obviously they intended at least minimal harm to Rex for his act of kindness in offering Dane a ride home when it was raining. It was Rex's big mouth that led to their decision.

Couldn't the same concept have been applied to Kurtis, a watcher and a messenger? In fact, it's even worse because they admit when they begin the torture-party that some of the people would simply be watchers/messengers. What's one more to the unmade list?

So then, Ravi freed Kurtis when he knew that not everyone would be tortured. No Communication Kills or Dues Ex Machina. Your pick but neither is really good.
09:26:50 PM Mar 10th 2012
Good movie, although one of the things that bothered me was that it seemed like Andy got marginalized. He's the only one of the main five that doesn't get a vignette showing his home life, his death is glossed over (although it's evident that Kurtis shot him if you watch the few seconds there), and he doesn't show up on the movie poster despite the sweet-looking Reich uniform complete with metal facemask with built-in monocle.
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