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10:10:15 PM Aug 20th 2014
Do I have permission to create a separate page for the video games or do I not need it?
12:02:43 AM Aug 21st 2014
If they are substantially different from the film, go ahead. Make sure you apply How to Create a Works Page to your process.
06:34:25 AM Oct 26th 2013
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Shouldn't we divide the tropes into what movie they appeared Like Tropes that occur throughout the series and Tropes that only occur in the first movie, but not in the second.
08:30:39 PM Nov 30th 2013
If you want to you can go ahead. Provided there are enough trope around to pull that off.
11:15:16 PM Feb 8th 2013
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Oddly Named Sequel - the official name for the sixth film is Fast & Furious 6, so the... unique numbering system remains intact. TV Tropes called it! Good work! Seriously hoping for roman numerals in the seventh film.

EDIT: The title card for the sixth film simply says, "Furious 6" so the announced 'Fast & Furious 7' still doesn't continue any previous instalment's numbering system! The director said that, "it was always designed to be Fast Five and Furious Six," two sides of the same coin.
11:06:26 AM Nov 27th 2012
shouldn't we at least divide this page into folders?
06:55:53 PM Aug 22nd 2012
Whoever added the bit about the Monte Carlo in Tokyo Drift needs to learn more about cars.

Of the eleven 1970-73 Monte Carlos, the Hero Car had a Bill Mitchell Nitrous Injected 509, mated to a Lakewood Bellhousing, Hayes clutch and Richmond T-10 four speed transmission, which fed through a Wenco driveshaft to a Moser 12 bolt rear end, with spools, and 4.88 gears (the 509 blew up during testing by Hot Rod Magazine, and it now has a 454, but still has the hot rodded transmission).

Just because it was in primer doesn't make it an Alleged Car. In fact, being in primer makes it even better.
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