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02:36:56 AM Nov 20th 2010
I find it astoundingly annoying that the two opposing protagonists look, sound and act so alike. It's hard to keep track of the two of them.
03:56:59 PM Jun 10th 2010
Sullivan: The list seems heavily biased towards putting Sullivan as the villain right alongside Costello. Personally, I found Sullivan to be a very sympathetic "villain", while Costigan was a more unsympathetic "hero". The movie isn't about either one of them as much as it is the both of them.
05:16:15 PM Jun 10th 2010
Aside from Smug Smake nothing really paints Sullivan as being all that villainous.
02:29:07 PM Jan 9th 2013
The Smug Snake and the fact that he betrayed every person in the film, whereas Costigan gets bullied into a terrible, dangerous job that ruins his life and forces him to do terrible things. I can't see how Costigan is less sympathetic than Sullivan who I despised more than any other character in any film I can remember
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