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08:12:42 AM Jan 17th 2012
Does Blues Brothers count as Magic Realism (glowing blue musicians, people being lifted bodily through the tent and coming down in entirely different clothes, etc.), or something more fantastic?
10:46:24 AM Feb 16th 2011
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  • Casting Gag: Paul Schaffer was the band's original keyboardist, but was already committed to The Late Show when the movie was made. He finally appeared in 2000 as Queen Mouset's assistant, and asks Murph if he wouldn't mind letting him have a crack at the keyboard.

    1. Late Night with David Letterman didn't start until 1982, three years after the film was made and two years after it was released. (Nevermind that The Late Show didn't debut until over a decade later.)
    2. According to Shaffer's article on The Other Wiki Belushi fired him for being more interested in Gilda Radner's studio recording.
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