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02:23:28 PM Feb 7th 2017
Is this not more a franchise killer NOT a franchise zombie. They where intending multiple sequels and spin offs based on this universe canon.. In short a franchise. With the movie under preformings the studios ( unrealistic ) expectations ending future spins offs and extensions. Does that not end the planned franchise effectively killing it?
02:27:44 PM Feb 7th 2017
Wow. Yeah. Aside from the fact that yes, that's a blatant shoehorn, that's also a YMMV item on the main page (incidentally added by, I believe, a currently banned user). Cutting.
04:54:59 PM Aug 4th 2014
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Doomed by Canon: This trope refers to prequels, interquels, and all kinds of -quels.

Does this even count? The movieverse is a different interpretation from the comics. Gwen could have lived since it's not like the movie is a direct prequel to the comics. For all we know, they could have had Gwenlive and Peter die the way Ultimate Comics did.
01:17:50 AM Aug 5th 2014
Seems like it's removal-worthy. Live action adaptations aren't always in-continuity with their comics.
11:17:29 AM May 13th 2014
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So, anybody notice that the poster used as the page image is just a badly done photoshopped photo of the Spider-Man costume used in the previous movie?

If we were going to change the image, why not use any of the official posters and not that one? It's so obviously fake.

I'd change it myself, but Image Uploader is refusing to work for me.
08:39:56 PM May 7th 2014
I've seen it twice now, and *NOWHERE* in the movie— in dialogue or credits— is Harry's assistant's last name mentioned. At. All. So, can we edit all of those "Felicia Hardy" references out without getting undone?
11:29:23 AM May 13th 2014
No, because Word of God is is that she is Felicia Hardy.
07:04:04 AM May 4th 2014
I think an UST entry should be added for Gwen/Peter post-breakup. Their moments simply ooze of this, particularly that "friendship" moment she had to kill by saying she might get a scholarship on Oxford. That moment she gets completely entranced after being kissed in the Oscorp closet might count as well.
07:33:51 PM May 2nd 2014
The pages seem to be divided over how a character dies. was it by breaking their neck or by hitting the ground?
10:43:44 AM May 6th 2014
I just saw it. She bounced off the ground. I'm more concerned about another dead character . Norman's body was definitely shown. They scanned it with a green laser while tidying up his room.
08:41:43 PM May 7th 2014
She did hit the ground, yes, but only because of some give in the webbing. Honestly, it could have been either one that killed her— but I'd go with impact.

And Atomic Kit Kat is quite correct. We *DO* see Norman's body.
11:12:49 AM Apr 27th 2014
Anyone else expecting to hear 'Planet Bob' take over the musical score when Elecro was defeated?

If not then you need to watch Titan AE.
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