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10:51:50 AM Mar 20th 2015
edited by heartofthemoon
I'm pretty sure this is incorrect. Can anyone confirm?

  • Actually Pretty Funny: When asked by Chang to give his current medical status, McCoy makes a quip about feeling pretty good "aside from a touch of arthritis". This is followed by stone-cold silence from everyone except one off-screen Klingon laughing his frigging ass off. McCoy seems pleased to have gotten that much.

I am 95% sure that it's McCoy laughing at himself, not a Klingon laughing at McCoy.
04:58:56 PM Jan 31st 2013
I think this section needs cleaning up:

  • Continuity Nod: Sulu mentions at the end of IV that he hopes the ship they're being sent to is the Excelsior. In this film he turns up as a starship captain... commanding the Excelsior.
    • This would have happened a lot sooner if ... everybody? ... William Shatner hadn't protested Sulu becoming Excelsior's captain in Star Trek II, where it was supposedly supposed to happen.
    • Hang on, the Excelsior debuted in Star Trek III. How does this work?
      • The novelizations of the previous movies explain it - Sulu's promotion has come through in Wrath of Khan, but he's still on the Enterprise training cruise as a favor to Kirk. Then, because Genesis and the events surrounding its creation result in such public backlash, Excelsior is given to the guy in The Search for Spock because Sulu needs to be kept 'available' for debriefings and such.

The main problem I see is the question. It should really go on the Headscratchers page, and on these pages, there's supposed to be one voice. I thought I'd bring it here before removing it though, as people might disagree with cutting it out without discussing things.

So, thoughts? Does this qualify for needing to be removed?
04:37:33 PM Mar 4th 2013
Yeah, this is natter, not narrative.
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