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01:15:25 PM May 27th 2014
Is Old!Spock saying that New!Spock must make his own way in life and not get any tips or suggestions a Time Travel Trope of some sort?
01:06:13 AM Apr 9th 2014
I'm not sure how to fix this, but there is no colon in the film's title. The fact that the page title displays one makes me legitimately angry. Someone fix this please.
02:51:39 AM Apr 9th 2014
It can be changed with a Custom Title request.
01:49:36 PM Jun 17th 2013
Did anyone else think that some of Harrison's Facial expressions dip in to the Uncanny Valley?

05:26:18 AM Jun 8th 2013
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I'm not sure the presence of the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes is evidence there isn't a One World Order, or even that it's subverted. I could be wrong, but I think that in the Present Day there are still Confederate flags in the Deep South and I've certainly seen a Northumbrian flag Oop North. This doesn't indicate these countries still exist, just that people remember their history. Does One World Order necessarily mean "All cultural diversity must be erased"?
09:11:23 AM May 23rd 2013
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On the page, the Klingon home world is called Qo'nos, which is the correct Klingon spelling, but in the film it is spelled Kronos is the subtitles. Should we keep the Klingon spelling, or change this?
10:01:01 AM May 23rd 2013
While I'm not sure, I do think we definitely need to add somewhere on the page "The Klingon homeworld is supposed to be spelled Qo'nos, but the subtitles show it as Kronos." What would that go under?
10:05:17 AM May 23rd 2013
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According to Memory Alpha, both spellings are correct. Qo'nos is the actual name of the Klingon homeworld, but Kronos is the "anglicized" spelling of it. The spelling Kronos has also been used to refer to it in the scripts of several episodes. It's probably the same as someone calling Beijing "Peking", though why the enlightened Federation uses the wrong name for an inhabited world is anyone's guess.
10:36:53 AM May 23rd 2013
Most likely because they don't know much about the Klingons yet. They wouldn't become even slightly friendly until the time of TNG, so it's possible Starfleet doesn't even know the correct spelling, just how it's pronounced.
10:38:41 AM May 23rd 2013
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Or, and this just occurred to me, because if the word "Qo'noS" had appeared on screen, you can bet a whole bunch of people wouldn't have realised it was the same planet everyone had been calling "Kronos".
09:38:49 PM May 30th 2013
Just added "Spell My Name with an S", since official materials use both spellings of Kronos and Qo'noS.
08:09:22 PM May 19th 2013
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I removed a remark about "Uhura flawlessly speaking Klingon" because, if I am correct, she used the wrong prefixes. She kept using jI-, which IIRC* only encodes for the first-person subject with no object, when she should've used a prefix that also encoded an object. If I am incorrect, feel free to put it back in.
07:52:11 AM May 20th 2013
You just had to remove the word "flawlessly." No need to delete the whole line.
03:27:57 PM Jun 1st 2013
The line was weak. It had to be destroyed!
05:45:14 PM May 19th 2013
The four main characters who take out the Klingon squad, are we including Harrison?
08:49:47 AM May 17th 2013
Quick one: What's the correct spelling, Khan or Kahn? I'm guessing the first.
09:24:29 AM May 17th 2013
You are correct.
09:08:48 AM May 16th 2013
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"Our first instinct is to seek revenge."
— James T. Kirk

Is there a particular reason this should be the quote at the top of the page instead of on the Quotes page? It doesn't seem to illustrate much about the film, certainly less than the Harrison trailer monologue.
07:14:44 AM May 17th 2013
The film has a recurring theme of revenge and how it makes things worse for those involved.
09:39:18 AM May 17th 2013
Current quote already seems to reflect revenge motif, along with a couple of ideas.

I also have concerns that if we were to include more of the quote to illustrate more elements of this plot, it would spoil both Pike's death and Kirk's revival.
10:36:42 PM May 15th 2013
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Read at your own discretion

Am I the only one who's scene the movie?! Why the crap does the article keep calling him John Harrison?! Trailers always lie. That name is a simple alias for Kahn it is thrown away in the first act. Why don't we call him Kahn for goodness sake?
09:05:22 AM May 16th 2013
That's The Reveal, spoiler policy for tvtropes generally encourages not using spoiler tags if at all possible.
02:20:31 PM Feb 5th 2013
edited by MithrandirOlorin
ON another site, in response to someone observing the apparent Christopher Nolan influence here, I said the Following.

Yeah, it looks their going for with this villain is Bane IN SPACE!.

But, If they want me to view this guy as The Joker IN SPACE! their failing miserably, The Joker is the embodiment of Chaotic Evil, he's not easy to duplicate, Kefka and Dimentio are like The Joker, this guy is not.
12:18:28 PM May 7th 2013
They weren't going for The Joker. Harrison isn't in it for the evulz, he has a specific plan and very defined goals.
03:22:07 AM May 13th 2013
Yeah, dude, you've shot yourself in the foot there. Your comparison is absolutely terrible - he's nothing like a Joker. He's not even vaguely anarchistic.
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