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06:57:14 AM Jul 19th 2012
The entry "Improbable Antidote" mentions that a True Loves Kiss is needed to wake Snow White up. Bit it also says, this is not mentioned in the movie. So, does this trope really apply?
07:32:53 PM Jun 24th 2012
A I the only one who thought that the scene in the Sanctuary where Snow met the spirit of the Forrest was eerily similar to a certain scene from Princess Mononoke? Honestly, it's like a happier version of the scene where the Primce meets the spirit of the forest?
10:51:17 AM Jun 23rd 2012
Is there any way to add a fanfic rec tab to this movie? There are some that are actually far superior to the film.
11:02:08 AM Jun 23rd 2012
Create the page at FanficRecs.Snow White And The Huntsman, type that page as "subpage", and the tab will show up automatically. Remember to sign recs you add!
10:39:01 PM Jun 23rd 2012
SUCCESS! Thanks!
11:11:54 PM Jun 2nd 2012
edited by Firstborn
I'm new here but this film presents an example of "storming the castle" and this is not on the trope list. Can somebody fix that? Also the king's "You'll be the death of me" and the queen's remark about what would snow white do with a sword are lampshade hanging aren't they?
06:02:59 AM Jun 2nd 2012
edited by reno2200
Forgone Conclusion? There are only seven dwarves in the fairy tale. There are eight in the film. To begin with, at least... Or is it more Doomed By Canon?
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