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03:27:16 PM Mar 9th 2012
Did anybody else think those aliens looked a heckuva lot like the monsters in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Especially the tankers.
10:47:49 AM Mar 21st 2014
Come to think of it, the Twilight Princess monster and the Skyline aliens are basically doing the same thing, Zelda's monster as just more efficient at it (but also much easier to kill)
07:30:00 AM Jul 4th 2011
Why is "So bad it's horrible" not listed on this? Any viewing of this movie or reading any of the reviews would show that including it is completely justified.
06:33:12 AM Aug 20th 2011
Because So Bad, It's Horrible is an opinion based trope, and is therefore Your Mileage May Vary, no matter how concretely right you are in that statement.
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