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11:29:11 AM Dec 27th 2016
Is Mr Blonde a "spanner in the works"? The cops had a plan to allow the robbery to go through. Then, all the bad guys and Joe Cabot would be arrested at the warehouse, no problems.

What happened was that when the alarm went off in the store, Mr Blonde went nuts and started killing random people. Blonde's rampage led to the nearby cops having to descend on the jewelry store without so much as a siren being heard, tipping off Mr Pink that they were being set up. The problems begin to pile up. Blonde wouldn't have had to kidnap a cop if not for the bungled getaway. Orange wouldn't have had to protect the cop from being burned alive by killing Blonde, which later provided Joe with everything he needed to know Orange was the rat, etc etc..

The story would have been awfully short and tied up neatly if Blonde hadn't gone crazy.
04:29:33 PM Sep 11th 2012

  • Meaningful Name: The crew of Reservoir Dogs have randomly assigned code names that fit their nature somewhat.
    • Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) is the most pure of the group, being the one who is morally opposed to killing civilians and tips waitresses because he feels they deserve it.
    • Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) seems to epitomise the phrase 'Blondes have more fun' - he does sadistic and cruel things purely For the Evulz. Blonde is also not a traditional name for a color, distinguishing him from the rest to some degree.
    • Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) is a man of layers, much like the fruit - he is, by turns, a young wannabe Badass, a Geek, a crying hysterical mess, and a very brave cop. Also, he has a Dutch surname, and orange is the national colour of the Netherlands. As well as this, there's a type of orange called 'blood orange'; Mr. Orange spends most of the movie soaked in his own blood as he slowly dies. It may also be significant that his is the only color of the bunch that has no rhyming word, thus marking him as the "odd man out". This is fitting, as he is an undercover cop hanging out with a gang of hardened criminals.
    • Mr. Brown (Quentin Tarantino) says his name is too close to "Mr. Shit". He starts off the movie dribbling shit. Also, he dies pretty much right away, and everyone knows what you do when you die...
    • Mr. Blue (Eddie Bunker) stays cool and quiet all through the movie. It could also be a reference to his 1981 semi-autobiography Little Boy Blue.
    • Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) is the most cautious of the group. He's also the only member to end up in the pink - that is, alive. Also, he's the only one to use his brain. Brains, while referred to as "gray matter", are more pink.

This seems like Square Peg, Round Trope. A lot of these are pretty dubious and there's no indication that any of this was intentional. The Mr Blue -> Little Boy Blue is probably the only thing solid, and it's not this trope.
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