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08:04:22 PM Apr 11th 2012
Why don't we have a Quotes page? This move is highly quotable.
07:09:54 AM Apr 12th 2012
So make one. Quotes.Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Click on it and start editing.
09:36:32 AM Dec 12th 2011
I chopped out the Reality Is Unrealistic section, preserved below, for the very simple reason that they aren't examples. What they are examples of is Shown Their Work. Thoughts?

  • Reality Is Unrealistic: More of Holy Grail is true than one would like to believe. Keep in mind, Terry Jones is an expert on medieval history, as his Medieval Lives series proves. For instance, the "spanking and oral sex" scene was closer to what women were believed to be like during the Middle Ages. Much of what people accept today to be the Middle Ages were fantasies of the Victorian era. (Of course, being arrested by modern police is not very realistic.)
    • The single most outrageous example, quoted from IMDb: As part of their stained glass and interior decoration, several medieval cathedrals included illustrations of virtues and vices. The vice of cowardice was depicted as a knight running away from a rabbit. Notre Dame in Paris has no fewer than three such medallions of the "Killer Rabbit".
    • In medieval warfare, it actually was common practice to use catapults to launch animals at enemies in hopes of spreading disease. They were usually dead animals, and they were usually launched at a castle rather than from it, but still...
    • In the Middle Ages, most illiterate peasants wouldn't have had any way of knowing who their king was—and they wouldn't have had much reason to care, since they paid their taxes directly to their lords. The scene with Dennis is a pretty accurate illustration of what would happen if King Arthur had introduced himself to some random peasant.

03:17:19 PM Dec 12th 2011
I think those would be Shown Their Work and/or Aluminum Christmas Trees.
12:27:05 AM Dec 27th 2011
I think they could definitely be reentered as examples of Aluminum Christmas Trees. It's more of a self-aware use of the trope, though—the Pythons put them in because they seem hilarious and absurd, not because they were trying to be authentic (as is the case with most examples of Shown Their Work).
11:33:57 PM Aug 19th 2010
Okay, what the heck, why why this deleted:

"* Fridge Brilliance: There is actually one real horse appearing in the film, in the historian's murder scene, where it is completely out of place."

It's exactly as I say it is, just watch the movie.
07:43:16 AM Aug 22nd 2010
Because Fridge Brilliance and other subjectives of that nature don't belong on main works pages. We have Just Bugs Me, Fridge, and other namespaces for that kind of crap.
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