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11:11:10 AM Sep 22nd 2013
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Okay, I may be wrong here, but honestly, it's always kind of baffled me that people think that the ending is saying that the monster 'never existed.' Like, what I got from it was that when the narrator is saying that there 'was no monster', he's not saying 'the monster never existed to begin with,' but that when they come to the end of the tunnel, where the monster WAS, it was gone. It vanished seemingly into thin air, ergo, when the soldiers come down the tunnel, there was no monster to be found. And the big twist is that, despite the fact that apparently there were points where it seemed like it WAS Douglas, the missing astronaut, after being given the antidote, and that he turned into the monster at different points when the antidote wore off, the bit about Douglas being found alive and of normal size far away says that, even though part of the time the monster looked like Douglas, it never WAS Douglas. And that that's supposed to give off a creepy vibe that the monster, and possibly any other monsters like it, could possibly blend into human society when not going on rampages. Now, don't get me wrong, all of this was executed abysmally, and was almost certainly thought up at the last second before the film was released for a tacked-on 'twist' ending, but for all of this movie's MAAAAAAAAAAAANY faults, I don't think that it was really trying to say 'the monster never existed.' I dunno, am I crazy?
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