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01:42:44 PM Jul 19th 2015
I don't know if it falls under a particular trope, but I've always found it interesting that in the entire of the first movie, there are (I think) only four gunshots - and two of those were fake.
07:51:05 AM Jul 20th 2015
It works as part of Actionized Sequel — and I think is already mentioned in M:I's entry on that page.
08:21:12 AM Sep 14th 2013
Hi folks I need a bit of help with an example(s) from a Special Efforts thread. See InstantDeathBullet Sandbox for more details Links to threads are in the description.

Any help, suggestions, or other info can be posted to The Special Efforts thread

The entry is not a proper use of an aversion but is an example of a character with plot armor. Would this fit under Plot Armor or another trope isntead?

  • Averted in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol . Jane (Paula Patton) is wounded in the abdomen during a gunfight (though it's not clear if she got hit by a bullet or shrapnel,) and is able to provide cover for Benji (Simon Pegg) for the rest of the scene. She's shown to be fully recovered at the end of the movie.

12:29:03 AM Feb 25th 2013
Mission Impossible 4: Impossible Weather: Sandstorms don't work that way, dubai doesn't get sandstorms (resident for 6 years, never been a sandstorm), there are broadcast warnings and alarms for sandstorms similar to tornado warnings.
12:53:19 AM Feb 25th 2013
sorry, forgot to ask: is there an impossible weather trope, or force the weather to fit the plot?
06:50:43 PM Jan 11th 2012
While sorting the examples by movie, I removed:

09:36:31 AM Apr 14th 2012
Although aversions are generally not examples, here the Two-Part Trilogy is one of those "notable aversions" in the fact that they have gone beyond a trilogy of movies with no connective thread between them besides a couple of main characters. The locations, plot, macguffins and bad guys all change completely. I honestly can't think of any other modern movie franchise that does this, thus making it "notable."
06:32:00 PM Dec 31st 2011
edited by ChimbleySweep
I Let Gwen Stacy Die: Brandt feels responsible for Ethan's wife's death because it happened on his watch.

Do the circumstances within the movie fit the trope?
06:57:40 PM Jan 11th 2012
Actually, I'm not sure it does.

The trope, as I read it, is not just "Hero feels responsible for Gwen Stacy's death", but also "Gwen Stacy's death becomes a motivator for the hero to do better in future".

Without going into possibly-spoilery detail, Brandt doesn't get the second part of that.
06:55:58 PM Nov 8th 2010
edited by Camacan
Move some tropes listed without details to discussion. As recently pointed out again in the Trope Reapir Shop we don't keep tropes listed without details on the main page. Please add details when moving them back: at a minimum give a line about how the trope applies.

Some of these have details listed in the target trope, but for the TV series, not the film.

10:57:53 PM Jan 13th 2012
edited by Vidor
That's a pretty silly rule. I guess the explanation for "Hard Work Montage" could be "there's a montage that shows them working hard."
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