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02:55:24 AM Mar 26th 2017
edited by Ingonyama
Would someone care to explain why it's appropriate to remove a statement that it's an outdated notion to think a person who has a psychological disorder is possessed by a demon? Because while obviously this idea has not disappeared entirely from religious doctrine, believing that is the unequivocal truth is a) going against current science, in the same vein as thinking being gay is a psychological disorder and b) a matter of faith, not scientific proof.

And unless I am remembering incorrectly, many priests and other religious figures very much support having a person who exhibits these sorts of symptoms be given sound medical and psychological treatment before anything like possession or exorcism is discussed, so even if they still believe the latter is possible, they agree that it's more likely to be something medical science can and should treat.

So how is saying the notion is outdated "speculation"? Isn't it actually speculation that a demon is behind it, since by definition this is something that can't be proven?
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