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02:00:48 PM Jul 26th 2010
I'm I the only one who found this So Bad, It's Good ? I mean, I know it's a fan film and therefore shouldn't be judged as harshly, but still, Roll was annoying as hell, the CGI was Sci-Fi channel levels of hilarity, and Wily just bled Ham and Cheese . I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but at times it just made me giggle.
05:22:14 AM May 14th 2010
I know Wily's a jerk, but was psychologically tormenting Roll really a MEH? It's a pretty bad Kick the Dog, yes, but it lacks the sheer atrocity that MEH's are supposed to be.
01:58:16 PM Jul 26th 2010
It didn't bother me, as I couldn't stand Roll. No, I say his MEH was siccing various super-powered robots to kill innocent people throughout the city.

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