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05:18:35 PM Mar 23rd 2012
edited by lebrel
  • Asian Hooker Stereotype: Averted in a way that makes it a major plot point. When Leo meets the Thai sex-worker Cookie, he must have expected a hooker stereotype: finding out that she's just a regular person makes him startled and confused, incapable of knowing how to handle such a situation. He tries to do a Mighty Whitey Knight in Shining Armor routine... Fails miserably, and spend the rest of the story trying to convince himself that he's a heroic lover and that [paying a sex-worker "for not having sex" and then have sex with her after all] does not make him a John. This also fails miserably.
    • As for the "all Asia women are sex-workers" version of this trope, the movie averts it by having Gloria as a central character, Gloria's mother as an important side character, and loads of minor female Asian characters who have nothing to do with the sex industry.

I don't see where this averts Asian Hooker Stereotype. Asian Hooker Stereotype runs on race, gender and sexuality stereotypes. This example, as written, suggests that Mammoth averts the stereotype that sex workers are screwed-up and need help, but that is a general prostitute stereotype and not specifically part of Asian Hooker Stereotype. The example explains nothing that would change the racial/gender aspects of the trope; Cookie is still Asian, she's still a prostitute, Leo is still white and giving her money in return for control over her sex life.
03:04:59 PM Mar 26th 2012
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