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05:11:55 PM Jun 28th 2015
edited by W3irdN3rd
"* The Load: The movie begins with Eddie is a divorced writer who suffers chronic writer’s block and is dumped by his girlfriend Lindy. Then Eddie takes NZT-48 pills, a revolutionary new pharmaceutical that allows him to tap his full potential... as The Millstone."
I have removed this entry. Eddie, being the main character, can hardly be the load. When he's on NZT, he doesn't exactly become the millstone. This all may be true from Lindy's point of view, which is pretty much irrelevant for the audience.
** I think the point was he couldn't keep that exponential growth going for very long. It's easy to turn 2 grand into 7.5, just only need to make another 5.5, but to turn 30k into 120k, that's a bit harder.
Also removed. Higher amounts would allow Eddie to manipulate markets, making it possibly easier to make money fast. To avoid a discussion on the work page about it, I just removed this.
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