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12:16:20 PM Jul 16th 2014
  • Artistic License - History/Military: A glaive is actually a type of single-bladed polearm (and also an obscure name for a sword) not a five-bladed shuriken discus. Though this may actually be a case of They Just Didn't Care motivated by Rule of Cool, by combining an awesome weapon with the equally cool name of another. Considering the Glaive was "just an old symbol" and Krull was a place of mythical archetypes and cliches, there's nothing to say the name couldn't be attached to something different there anyway.
    • This has however, on occasion, led to other works (such as Warcraft III), using the name to refer to large star-shaped throwing blades.

Natter aside, there must be a better trope for this. It's not really artistic license so much as picking an inaccurate name for the weapon.
12:17:06 PM Jul 16th 2014
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