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04:41:18 AM Jun 22nd 2012
While it seems to have been Grandfathered in by the books, the movie seems to have some Unfortunate Implications in the way that the religion of the Not!Native Americans, Not!Spartans, and Not!Athenians are all apparently hoaxes perpetrated by the Therns, who are white technologically advanced people. This leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but I'm not sure if I'm looking too deeply into it. Thoughts?
03:10:39 AM Mar 8th 2013
The Tharks are based off the Native Americans, and the Red Men are based off the North and South of the American civil war. The Therns don't have an Earth counterpart. So not really.
02:42:07 PM Mar 26th 2013
For what it's worth, in the books the Therns are condemned more often and more harshly by the narration than any other faction, and Carter plainly finds them loathsome. For all their talk about their supposed superiority, when you get down to it the Therns are glorified parasites. I'm not sure if Burroughs had any real-world analogy particularly in mind for them (beyond people who manipulate religion for their own ends), but it was nothing he approved of.
09:03:58 PM Mar 21st 2012
Do we want to add this to Box Office Bombs yet, or do we need to wait until the theatrical run is completely over?
08:56:17 PM Mar 31st 2012
The $200 million write off says yes, it should.

The domestic cume after three weeks was $61 million. The Hunger Games outdid that ON THE FIRST DAY OF RELEASE.

It should be added now, IMHO.
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