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10:15:17 AM Aug 18th 2013
I think it was still rather stupid for Tony Stark to state his address while threatening "The Mandarin", since it then makes it easier for the baddies to enter the address on Google Maps. And plus, he didn't come up with a plan until after treating and after giving his address. It kind of is a Too Dumb to Live moment to an extent.
04:45:15 AM Jul 26th 2013
My scientist wife pointed this out to me: Artistic License- Biology. When you heat proteins it changes them, so how exactly did that not effect the bad guys here?
06:23:00 AM Jun 26th 2013
The "Adaptation Distillation" entry says that the films combines elements from several comic books, and cited Civil War among them. I have read Civil War, but I don't remember anything in that story that seems adapted into this movie. Am I missing something, or was that comic book incorrectly added?
08:00:17 AM May 31st 2013
Is it canon now that whenever Pepper goes on business trips for SI, she has Bruce come over to babysit Tony, and they talk science, crank call S.H.I.E.L.D. and the other Avengers, and paint each others toenails?
08:32:24 AM May 31st 2013
... no?
03:21:49 PM Jun 8th 2013
What about headcanon?
07:44:26 AM Jun 10th 2013
08:13:06 PM May 30th 2013
To Darth Megatron, what does Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. have to do with this movie and why make it a spoiler?
04:55:44 PM May 14th 2013
Did anyone else get a weird Edward Nygma vibe from Dr. Killian?

11:52:41 AM May 10th 2013
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Why is there so much emphasis on specifically how Stark made a big mistake giving his home address out to the media as something that invited trouble?

He is one of the richest men in the world, is well known as a superhero and lives in a big fancy house in which he has invited dozens for social occasions. Anyone with any access to information could find out his address within five minutes. Yes, Stark publicly dared the Mandarin to take a shot at him at his home, but that's a separate issue.
06:55:03 AM May 7th 2013
So to avoid ambiguity, do you think we should refer to Trevor as "The Mandarin" (with quotation marks), and Killian as the Mandarin (without quotation marks), whenever we mention the Mandarin? That way, people who don't know about the twist won't really notice, while people who do know will be sure when we're referring to Trevor and when we're referring to Killian.
12:52:38 AM May 8th 2013
I think context is more than enough to make sense for anyone who has seen the film. Jumping about with quotation marks and so on would just make the page look messier, I feel.
08:25:16 AM May 3rd 2013
To the fans out there, is the fake Mandarin twist an Ass Pull or a Shocking Swerve?
11:52:12 PM May 3rd 2013
Neither. It's a brilliant piece of writing that pays homage to how completely, utterly ridiculous and racist the original is while still updating and using him in a way that makes thematic and relevant sense within the plot.
10:04:42 AM May 7th 2013
I just saw the movie. I thought it was brilliant too.
04:23:21 PM May 8th 2013
I feel it's more of a shout out to Batman Begins which basically did a version of the gag.
10:44:18 AM May 10th 2013
Um, no. Basic thematic similarities do not make for a shout out, especially when you have to really stretch to make any connection.
08:17:49 AM May 1st 2013
I can't manage to find info on that point so here it is: when the little girl asks an autograph to Tony, he turns to the boy with her and says something like "Loved your work in Christmas Carol". Maybe this is a joke I missed, otherwise would that be an Actor Allusion ?
10:38:23 PM May 3rd 2013
I thought it was a joke about how that kid looks like the kid in A Christmas Story, and Tony just got them confused. (Or he did say "A Christmas Story", and I'm misremembering.)
11:53:02 PM May 3rd 2013
Yeah, he's being a bit of a dick. The kid just looks like a vulnerable, wide eyed idealist from Christmas Carol. It's not a reference to any specific actor in that scene.
08:16:48 PM May 13th 2013
No, he's not being a dick (well, not that much of a dick). The kid looks like Peter Billngsly, who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Stark says "loved you in A Christmas Story"- not carol. Billingsly was also in, and was an executive producer of, Iron Man. (I suspect the line was an RD Jr ad-lib.)
11:15:26 AM Apr 26th 2013
When an enemy from the past targets that which industrialist Tony Stark holds most dear, he must rely on his ingenuity to protect those closest to him and finally answer a question which has haunted him from the beginning: Is he the one who defines the Iron Man suit? Or is it the suit that defines him?

Okay, this is basically the same as the official synopsis released by Marvel. As far as I can tell, it doesn't reveal anything that isn't already in trailers or in unspoilered tropes, but do people feel it's too clear the actual "enemy from the past" isn't the Mandarin? Are there suggestions for a different synopsis that still gives the basic setup of the movie?
09:55:10 AM Oct 24th 2012
Are there two trailers? the page makes mention of a conversation with Happy Hogan and a scene where Stark gets hit in the nuts by a flying piece of armor, but those weren't in the trailer i saw. I looked for another trailer but couldn't find one, so if there is another trailer/teaser, can we link it on the page?
01:10:01 PM Oct 24th 2012
It's footage from the Comic Con panel.
07:54:34 AM Oct 24th 2012
Shouldn't we move this whole thing to the main film page? Unless we should move the Iron Man 2 stuff to its own page (the most probable solution in my opinion, considering other parts of the MCU have their own pages).

My problem then is that I don't know how to take off redirects like the one directing "Film / Iron Man 2" to "Film/ Iron Man". Making an entirely new page for just Iron Man 3 seems to imply that the third film is somehow fundamentally different from all others before it, which, while having a darker tone, isn't necessarily true. He's still Tony Stark, still has the Iron Man armor, still has the same supporting cast.

Therefore, can someone at least make an Iron Man 2 page? I also don't know how to make a picture for a tropes page into the right format.
08:25:24 AM Oct 24th 2012
Yeah, seconded. It seems odd to have an Iron Man 3 page with no Iron Man 2 page.

The easiest way to edit a redirect is to get the edit URL for a different page, then swap in the title of the redirect you want to edit. So you'd go to: Don't forget to change the Page Type from redirect to work afterwards.

For images, easiest way is to view source on a page that has an image, then switch the pixel number and image URL as applicable.
09:16:27 AM Oct 24th 2012
I think we can all agree there's going to be more Iron Man films, and if it had to be cut up sooner or later, might as well just do it now.

Moved the Iron Man 2 stuff over. Can add a pic and re-sort the general tropes later.
09:32:40 AM Oct 24th 2012
We may want to also create an Iron Man 1 page, move those tropes over there, and turn the main page into a work+index with the individual film links and the general tropes on it?
01:13:23 PM Oct 24th 2012
Depends, as we already have the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise page. The Avengers and it's sequel makes a general Iron Man only trope page a little tricky.

Well, we can at least add the other films to the Iron Man disambiguation index for now.
03:36:39 PM Oct 24th 2012
Well, there's already a "general tropes" folder on the Iron Man film page anyway, so it can't be that tricky...
03:45:19 PM Oct 24th 2012
edited by Tuckerscreator
We already split The Dark Knight Saga in the individual films, so that isn't hard. The REAL challenge/headache is splitting their Headscratchers and YMMV entries.

Also, will the first film get its own page? Or will it be get on the overall film series page?
06:34:21 PM Oct 24th 2012
edited by ashlay
It should have it's own page regardless of whether a franchise page is created.

edit: actually, sure, why not? It's done, franchise page is up. gonna go resort the page redirects now.
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