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04:23:50 PM Aug 5th 2014
I was wondering that maybe we should change the name from Iron Man 1 to just Iron Man. How often do first movies in trilogies actually get called "[Generic Action Movie] 1?
01:51:08 AM Aug 6th 2014
We cannot change the name because Iron Man is already taken, and it's a single medium franchise so Franchise/ is not suitable.
03:11:55 AM Feb 20th 2014
Jarvis: we have only 14 percent power remaining

Tony/Iron man: put it on the screen, stop telling me

later: (ironman stumbles in mid air)

jarvis (quietly): 2%

I'm sure that's a trope but I'm not sure which one
07:48:45 AM Feb 20th 2014
I really don't think it is.
07:58:06 AM Feb 20th 2014
Borders on Critical Annoyance, but I don't think that's what MCE means.
08:01:03 AM Feb 20th 2014
There's Never Tell Me the Odds! but I'm not sure if that's exactly what you're going for.
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