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05:57:55 PM Jun 23rd 2012
edited by Arivne
Altered the Elderly Immortal page description so the following example would count and added the example back to this page.

  • Elderly Immortal: The Knight guarding the Grail. He is clearly into old age and admits to being past his prime, but drinking from it has kept him alive for centuries.
10:54:43 PM Feb 18th 2012
edited by Arivne
Moved information/examples from the following entries to their own pages where they belong:

Despoilered the You Called Me X, It Must Be Serious example for two reasons: (a) The entire example is spoilered, which is a violation of our Handling Spoilers policy and (b) it's already in Take My Hand.

Deleted the Dramatically Missing the Point entry below because there was no particular reason for Hitler to recognize Indy or the Grail diary. Hitler wasn't being "dense, stubborn, or lacking context", "stupid or delusional" or "naive" as stated in that trope.

03:17:00 AM Dec 8th 2012
Does the Secret Legacy trope really count? Indy knows the Grail is Henry's life-long obsession. How is this legacy a secret?
02:06:08 AM Apr 16th 2013
edited by

Removed again. As previously stated ^^, there's no point to miss, Hitler is just a Bigger Bad who has no direct relation to the events and is detached from the details. Jones is a random guy passing by as far as he knows. It's just Played for Laughs for the audience, lacking the drama as in "the story treats this as a serious thing"

It's already well covered by a subversion of MacGuffin Delivery Service. Edited that parta bit, it's a single subversion, not a double.
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