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12:05:15 AM Dec 28th 2012
Nowhere else to really put this, (not a WMG, not a headscratcher) so here it goes.

It's really a shame that Hellboy didn't keep the crown and just enlist a couple Golden soldiers as new BPRD agents... Though his leaving the BPRD also puts a damper on that. Still could have made them part of a private detective agency...
10:18:03 AM Oct 2nd 2011
We need a Fanfic Recommendation page for Hellboy. Tres Maxwell's trilogy needs to be unleashed on the tropers. The time and research that must have been put into it is epic. Just ... see for yourself. But, clear your schedule. 'Cause you're not gonna stop reading.
05:57:45 PM Mar 4th 2011
I could have sworn the only reason John Myers wasn't in the second film was because Rupert Evans was busy with Kiss of the Spider Woman.