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10:10:23 AM Apr 24th 2012

Chekhov's Lecture was renamed to Chekhov's Classroom for rampant misuse. There is not enough context here for me to tell if this is correct use or not.
08:04:21 AM Jun 25th 2011
edited by ParadiscaCorbasi
The YMMV/Awesome/Fridge etc links for the Film: Green Lantern page all link back to the ones for the comic.

I wanted to add a couple YMMVs but am not versed enough in splitting the comic's YMMV from the one that should exist for the film.

Take That: Angela Bassett plays Amanda Waller — a shot at Marvel for not even having offered the role of Storm to her, despite years of fans saying she'd have been perfect for the role. DC gave her a prominent role, of a character who was already black, unlike Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury role.

Distaff Counterpart: To Marvel's Nick Fury by Samuel L. Jackson.
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