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04:14:58 PM Jan 10th 2015
Regarding the Target Audience entry:

I think the information is inaccurate—Goldfinger premiered in, what, 1964-5? By that point, it's likely that A Hard Day's Night had already come out, and Beatlemania was by then in full swing.

Also, Bond's line is disparaging the Beatles, which makes sense, because he likely doesn't display much interest in popular music.
01:43:13 PM Feb 4th 2013
The site owner himself has discussed The One with... and said they should stay. Please leave them alone.
09:23:39 AM Feb 7th 2013
I changed this particular one because How to Create a Works Page: Write a brief description states "Things not to include: quality judgements (don't say how much it sucked/how awesome it was), critical reception (that's just a specific variant of quality judgements)".

I won't change any of these again, but consider altering this one.
01:25:38 AM Feb 15th 2013
And it looks like that itself has become a bit of an issue.

I can understand where you are coming from in saying it was the best and in fact agree with you, I was quite taken with Goldeneye and the Brosnan reboots. Saying it's the most parodied, yeah, I think we can agree with that.
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