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07:34:43 PM Mar 30th 2012
Regarding Winston and rats:

I, Prime Evil, really, really want to list this as a possible reason for his, um, rat-o-phobia, but I can't find any way of saying this without coming off as racist. Oh, well, here but for the grace of God go I:

I've heard it told that Blacks in particular are fearful of rats because of instincts ingrained from their parents/grandparents, who may have lived in kitchenette buildings and other, similarly cramped dwellings. Now, for the explanation: Rats, as we all know, are hungry little bastards. They'll go for anything they can smell—milk, say. What's a good source of milk? Babies who have just fed from a bottle. It's not a pretty picture.

My explanation does have precedent: the beginning of Richard Wright's "Native Son" (Mama, woth a frying pan, desperately chasing a rat and shrieking) and a scene in Disney's Lady and the Tramp—granted, a few of the conditions aren't there, but there ARE rats, and they ARE trying to go after a baby.

I don't think the GB Timeline covers it, but I propose that Winston had a younger sibling, and he saw such a terrible sight, which might explain his almost reflexive fear of rats.

Again, I just don't know how to say this without coming across as an insensitive tosser. Advice, anyone?
10:03:46 AM Mar 31st 2012
Tropes don't need explanations, especially not psychobabble that relies on assumptions not evident in the movie itself. He's afraid of rats — that's a trope, period. No long-winded justification needed.
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