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09:32:33 AM Mar 25th 2014
Saw that the Plot Hole example regarding the Omega 13 was removed from the main page. How is this not a plot hole? The Thermians, who built the ship, don't know what it does. The cast not knowing what it does is justified because the Omega 13 was deployed at the end of the last episode and the show was cancelled, so the show never explained what it does. But the Thermians built the Omega 13. I read the discussion on the Headscratchers page. Even if one fanwanks that the Thermians built the Omega 13 on the basis of fan speculation (which raises the question of how they'd have access to that fan speculation, which hasn't been beamed into space like the TV show), how could they not know what it does, since they built it?
10:08:47 AM Mar 25th 2014
They knew the mechanism, but not the effect.
02:34:08 PM Mar 25th 2014
Why not? How could they not know it?
07:01:07 AM Mar 26th 2014
Because they never turned it on before. Presumably the episode where they discovered the Omega 13 device included some description of how it was constructed or what it was constructed of, otherwise speculation on its function would have been impossible. So the Thermians built it with the ingredients and procedure described in the episode, but because that episode also included the bits about how it could end the universe, they didn't hit the on switch.
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