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06:40:40 AM Apr 7th 2013
Actor Allusion: Do you smell what Roadblock is cooking?

Should this be deleted? Roadblock was a chef in his backstory which predates Rock's catchphrase.
06:51:24 AM Mar 27th 2013
Would it make sense to have Zartan as Dragon-in-Chief, since he's the most prominently featured antagonist in the film, even though Cobra Commander is obviously the primary antagonist?
02:04:31 PM Mar 27th 2013
I suppose it would.
09:58:10 PM May 23rd 2012
Man I can't believe Paramount are this fucking brain-dead! This post-conversion madness is insane, but delaying the film until next year? They've all but guranteed this film is going to flop and flop hard if they go through with this decision, all it's going to do is encourage people to pirate the movie, and I wouldn't at all be surprised if it gets leaked early like Wolverine did, only this time it'll be almost a year in advance, this film is shaping the next John Carter unless they reverse this decision.

I started a petition to Paramount to cancel the conversion and release the film this year, if you could please sign I would really appreciate it.


11:45:36 PM May 23rd 2012
It's annoying as hell. I mean this film has gotten a fairly positive reaction. Why screw that up just for some more money?
12:37:37 AM May 24th 2012
It dosen't even make sense from a business standpoint, the film is far more likely to lose money if it's delayed for this long after all those ads, not to mention the tie-in merchandise that was planned months in advance which is going to cost Hasbro a lot of money. This decision completely flies in the face of logic, i'm half-expecting Miley Cyrus to jump out and tell us we're being punked.