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06:35:20 AM Nov 24th 2012
Could someone list a few of those scenes where you see photos of Forrest with his eyes closed, for those of us completely blind to these funny background event sort of things? I haven't managed to spot a single one in three viewings.
01:20:16 PM Jun 22nd 2015
When his mama shows him all the ping pong stuff once he comes home from the army. There is a life size picture of him with his eyes closed.
02:22:10 PM Feb 28th 2011
So, is this movie supposed to be a drama? I always thought that it was a comedy...
06:32:02 AM Nov 24th 2012
It's a bit of everything. Kind of like life.
02:39:11 PM Jan 19th 2011
Remove the following:

  • Many would actually say this is a misunderstanding stemming from Misaimed Fandom status — conservative family-values types often praise the movie as an indictment of the wild hedonism of the sixties, where really we're meant to understand that there's a lot more to the hippie/activist counterculture than what Forrest sees, that Jenny's life has been a lot more complicated than "I'm going to leave this little hick town, hang out with Black Panthers and do a ton of drugs because I don't appreciate what's 'real' in life," and that when Forrest seems apathetic toward a given issue, it's because he doesn't understand its implications — like why anyone would object to his college being integrated, or why so many famous people end up shot, or why Lieutenant Dan would think he was "destined" to die for his country. When you look at it that way, the movie doesn't condemn anyone, and the message is more or less that happiness is really a matter of sheer dumb luck ? or put another way, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
    • Forrest never questions authority and does what he's told - literally, exactly, and to the letter. He is rewarded with success and happiness (he gets the girl of his dreams in the end, even if it is for a very short time). Jenny on the other hand does the exact opposite of what she's told (and here largely because of an abusive upbringing which gives us the horrendous implication that only people with problems question authority) and as a result her life is filled with literally nothing but pain and misery until her death from AIDS. Could the implications BE any more unfortunate?! "Never question. Never rebel. Do what we tell you or reap the whirlwind".
      • You're missing the point of Forrest's character completely. Yes he does what he's told, but that is only because he doesn't know any better. He's a sideliner, a viewer as much as we are, unable to do anything about all the sad things he sees (Jenny, all those famous people getting shot, Vietnam). In the end he gets a mostly good life out of it, but that is in exchange for his powerlessness. He only gets to spend a short time with Jenny, which is all he really wanted the whole time, and in the end all he could do was tell his story.
      • This troper used to be part of the hatedom...until she realized what Jenny's character was really about. Jenny was constantly trying to run from her problems (encouraging Forrest to "run away", most notably). Forrest took her running and flipped it on its head - he ran to solve his problems, not escape them.
      • This troper noticed that, when Forrest made his country wide run, Forrest never really seemed to have a purpose. This shows, I think, that not everything someone does has to have a sure purpose behind it. We all tend to look for some meaning behind everything that happens or whatever someone does when, sometimes, there's really no reason at all rather than to just do it.
        • "I just felt like running!"

  • Natter in the main page
  • Also "This troper"
03:16:33 PM Aug 17th 2014
I'd like to add that the Reactionary Fantasy trope is being misused and is really an alternative interpretation of the film, though I'm not sure what trope it should be put under.
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