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05:16:42 PM Jan 22nd 2012
I cut the following, as a character watching porn and other characters, particularly his wife, getting upset over it, would most definitely not fall under "What do you mean it's not heinous". For many, at the very least it's not something to bring up in polite company and at the worst it's a deadly sin; also the example led to a small bit of conversation in the main page that contradicts said example.

05:50:48 AM Nov 2nd 2011
I have to say this on behalf of Kirk Cameron, that it takes some courage to stand up for his Christian beliefs and not allow himself to kiss any actress other than his wife in any movie he will star in, Christian or otherwise, so having his wife be the kissing stand-in for the actual actress was a wise move. How many Christian actors can really say the same thing, even if they happen to be married?