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09:27:32 PM Dec 8th 2013
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Bio luminescence plays a huge role in the film, but I'm just curious why life on Europa might have evolved it to such a degree. I know that there are organisms in the deep ocean here on Earth that generate and use light in surprising ways, but I had assumed those organisms were taking advantage of eyes which had already been evolved at lighter depths of the ocean. If Europa is in fact totally covered with ice, and is also much further from the Sun, then it's probably much darker than Earth. Under those conditions, it seems odd to think that eyes would have evolved and that organisms would then have evolved to create light and use it like the Europa octopodes did. This isn't so much a problem with the movie as it is a general question - does the evolution of bio luminescence seem plausible in a place like Europa? Any exobiologists out there with an opinion?
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